“Ok, totally love this class!  You push me harder than I would push myself on my own and I love it!! Working out w other women is so motivating and fun!  I feel such camaraderie with these women after just a couple weeks. And best of all I see changes in my body after only 3 weeks!!  I couldn't do this without the totally affordable on-site childcare though so that really is the best!!!” AT

“I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans the other day and they fit! I almost cried I was so happy!” KV

“Boot camp is the best thing I have signed up for in a while. I never thought I would enjoy doing exercises!  I have also had the opportunity to meet other moms who feel the same way I feel. After an hour we leave the group feeling great, full of energy and motivated.  I love that you provide affordable childcare during the session.”  DL

“I have been so motivated by you and I feel great! I see such improvement in my strength and endurance. Some of my pants are even falling down. Yippie!!” TD

“Boot Camp for Moms was just what I needed. Having not exercised in quite some time this was the perfect way to get back into an exercise routine without the intimidation of joining a gym. The instructor, Jess, is terrific! She is extremely knowledgeable and keeps it fun! She has a variation for each exercise for every level of fitness. She knows just when to push you to try a little harder, truly believes in you and won't let you give up on yourself.”  GF


"I have to say this is probably the best group exercise class I've been to. Great instruction, it goes quickly, and the emails are so funny - great for motivation. I used to do mostly pilates and some yoga on my own before my son was born but I never knew if I had good form so it’s good to hear that. It’s not quite the same working out to a video- there's no one to tell you if you're totally screwing up your body or not." KV

"There's no excuse not to exercise when you can take the kids with you. When you know they're getting to play at the park, you feel like it's time well spent for you and the kids (the kids aren't stuck in some cheesy childcare room).  The workout is different each time so it doesn't get old and boring, and with modifications you can push yourself as hard as your body can handle." LR

"What I love about Bootcamp: 
Really challenging, fun and different exercises.  Ease of location and childcare. Exercising outside in the fresh air-it is good for my mood. Improving with a group.  It keeps me motivated." MC


"I have exercised for years and always felt that I was quite fit and in shape. Two days in bootcamp with Jess and I was humbled!!  It really does make a difference to cross train and expand your comfort zone. Having Jess there to motivate us and work as a group went further for me than any exercise regimen I have ever take on!   My friends and I are addicted and want bootcamp to become a regular part of our routine!" KC

“Dear Jessica, I wanted to thank you for getting me back on the track I veered off of 3 months ago.  In less than one week of eating healthy and exercising I have already lost 5 pounds!!!  You have given me the jump start to be the person I know I can be.  Have a great holiday. “ LM


“Jessica is a fabulous trainer, organized, efficient, knowledgeable and truly loves being an instructor! She taught me how to effectively workout while making sure I understood how to do the exercises safely. She worked around my schedule, my personal goals and we always had fun! “ RF


 “You have definitely entered my psyche.  Today I was at Swartswood Lake with my daughter and nieces and nephews and I was feeling energized and the itch to burn some calories so we did races from our blanket to the lake.  A good sprint.  I thought of you.  Also my sister complimented my legs.  They look stronger and she saw definition.  WOW! so Thank you! “ MC

“Jessica is very upbeat and high energy, the class is imaginative and varied and it creates good community and support - it is challenging and effective while being interesting and fun!” PR

“I love that every class there is always an activity that is different.  It never gets mundane!” SP

"Being a stay at home mom I rarely have "me" time and this class has not only given me that it's changed my body and how I feel about myself. Having a local venue in my own town to attend bootcamp class is priceless for me and I get to bring my daughter!" TD