I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I love fitness. I love wine. I love chocolate. I love my family. Not in that order. :)

At 14, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease. I endured years of hospitalizations, weight gain and nasty medicines with no real improvement. When I went off to college I was determined to stop living as a victim of my disease and slave to its medications. I found exercise made a HUGE difference. I could help control my body, weight, and more importantly my mood through exercise. I began to see the foods I put into my body (or did NOT put into my body) also helped ease the flare ups. Diet and exercise became a way of living instead of a passing fad. It has been that way ever since. As a mom, diet and exercise got me through the loooong sleepless nights, the emotions of new motherhood and allowed me to quickly return to my pre pregnancy body!

Since then, I have often shared my self- learned knowledge, tricks and ideas with those struggling with weight or chronic disease, whether they wanted it or not. lol! It wasn’t until I lost my dad to cancer that I committed to do it professionally. At the same time I was noticing a pattern with mom friends. Kids came. Weight gain ensued. The final catalyst came when we moved our young family to Blairstown where the fitness options were unprofessional, too far for busy moms to travel, or did not offer childcare. Complain about the problem or solve it?

Dad always told me I could be anything I wanted in life so I made the leap and created NJ Fit Mom. Life is short. I love fitness, I love bossing people around :) I love being a mom. I knew I had the knowledge and energy to motivate other moms to be fitter, stronger, better! YES! To help women take care of their bodies and their minds so they would be there to take care of their families, actually play with their kids, and enjoy this life!

I am now the owner and creator of NJ Fit Mom. I am a certified personal trainer and have the privilege of helping women change their bodies and their lives. I witness real women gain strength, energy and wellness through hard work. I offer training that is local, affordable and child friendly so busy moms can get it done because moms need all the strength they can get!

Jessica Griffin, MA, CPT, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

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